Paving the Way for Innovation Strategy

The digital landscape is rapidly changing, and technology is advancing in ways that were unfathomable even just a few years ago. As a business, you can no longer rest on legacy mindsets and antiquated processes, despite how much success they’ve driven in the past. Every industry is susceptible to digital Darwinism, where businesses struggle to keep pace with the rate ...

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The State of Open Innovation Today

Last summer I wrote about an interesting report exploring the extent of open innovation around Europe.  The study, conducted by the European Academic Network for Open Innovation, showed the growth in open innovation, with the majority of organizations practising it in some form or other.  This was helping companies to bring new, more novel products to market faster and more ...

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Mentors, sponsors, coaches and colleagues

The Visionary Leader’s 3 Areas of Core Development

Physician burnout is pervasive and appears to be worsening. In fact, in some specialties, residents are burned out even before they have spent their first day in practice. But, they are not alone since burnout happens in many industries other than medicine. Burnout is considered to have a range of symptoms. There is no agreement which of those are part of ...

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5 Ways to Measure Whether Your Idea Will Become a Great One… or Fail Miserably.

Gauge Effectiveness of Ideas

“Everything begins with an idea.” Right? Uhhmmm… not really. Instead, everything begins with a problem. Something happens (or doesn’t happen) that highlights a problem that either already exists or could exist. And more importantly, the need for a solution is born. The bigger or more widespread the problem, the more pressing an answer to that problem is, as well as ...

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If You’re Looking To Make A True Breakthrough, Start With The Monkey First

At Google’s X division, the company’s “moonshot factory,” the mantra is “#MonkeyFirst.” The idea is that if you want to get a monkey to recite Shakespeare on a pedestal, you’d better start by training the monkey, not building the pedestal, because training the monkey is the hard part. Anyone can build a pedestal. The problem is that most people start ...

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How Playgrounds Crush Innovation and What to Do About It

ultra-safe playground

  Disruption, strategic initiatives, and bleeding edge technology are just a few of the buzzwords business leaders spout to demonstrate their commitment to innovation. This sincere intention is not always matched by the ability to foster innovation. A momentary return to childhood offers insights into why innovation is often lauded but rarely achieved. How the New Child’s Play Inhibits Innovation ...

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Another Conscious Company: Which Wich

Describe the Vibe and how it helps the company operate. The Vibe is the positive energy that’s at the heart of our culture and courses through the veins of the Which Wich system. When I founded Which Wich, I really wanted to build a special company where every member of the team would feel like they were making an impact in ...

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Four Things Every Leader Should Know About Applying Artificial Intelligence To Business

Artificial Intelligence and the Consulting Industry

IPsoft is, in many ways, an unusual entrant into the crowded, but burgeoning, artificial intelligence industry. First of all, it is not a startup, but a 20-year-old company and its leader isn’t some millennial savant, but a fashionable former NYU professor named Chetan Dube. It bills its cognitive agent, Amelia, as the “world’s most human AI.” It got its start ...

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