Innovation Research

Custom Innovation ResearchInnovation Excellence provides research and advisory services for companies challenged by innovative new entrants, uncertain or hyper competitive landscapes, and changing customer desires and needs.

With a global network and viewpoint, we can help you overcome the challenges associated with innovation, such as:

  • Building an innovation strategy
  • Developing a culture of innovation
  • Organizing for successful innovation
  • Understanding and optimizing open innovation and co-creation
  • Leveraging technology and platforms to enhance innovation
  • Identifying new market opportunities
  • Engaging with customers to reveal unmet needs in the marketplace

Innovation Excellence offers a variety of research-based products and services that will accelerate your innovation strategy, including:

  • Custom research-based consulting: We provide companies with sound business recommendations based upon a customized research process tailored to address their specific business problems.
  • Advisory sessions and subscriptions: We provide on-demand or retainer-based strategic guidance on innovation to organizations of all sizes.
  • Workshops: Our half- or full-day workshops help organizations or teams address and overcome common barriers to innovation.
  • Speeches: Our insightful analysts and industry experts deliver engaging speeches to internal or external audiences on topics associated with innovation.

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The Innovation Excellence Difference

Innovation is top of mind for all businesses, and it is a common topic of online conversations. But most online content is either journalistic news about recent innovations, marketing-oriented opinion from self-designated experts, or vendor-driven sales pitches.

Our approach is different: we offer research-based products and services that address specific business challenges and provide actionable recommendations that will help you navigate the world of innovation. Our approach is:

    • Holistic: We engage with your internal resources, our global network of innovation practitioners and thought leaders, and the analogous industry and trend research in order to provide a holistic view – and holistic solution – to your innovation challenges.
    • Research-Based: We utilize both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to develop our future outlook, trends, best practices, market assessments, and optimal product/service search area recommendations.
    • Trustworthy: Our analysts are innovation practitioners and thought leaders who have worked with clients around the world. We rely on our proprietary methodologies, insights, and our global network of more than 14,000 other innovation practitioners, service providers, thought leaders, academics, and enthusiasts to deliver sound research, analysis and recommendations, not just opinion.

Our research and advisory practice is led by:

Braden Kelley

  • Innovation Speaker Braden KelleyFounder of – the world’s most popular innovation portal – and its predecessor
  • Respected thought leader on innovation
  • Author of Charting Change
  • Author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire
  • Creator of The Nine Innovation Roles
  • Creator of the Change Planning Toolkit™
  • Contributing author – A Guide to Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing
  • Trusted innovation advisor to major companies on several continents
  • Sought-after international public speaker and executive trainer
  • Change Management Specialist
  • Prolific writer and well-known online media personality

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