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Managing With A Soul

“Managing without soul has become an epidemic in society. Many managers these days seem to specialize in killing cultures, at the expense of human engagement.” That’s what management guru Henry Mintzberg recently wrote about the current state of corporate culture on his blog.

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Opening Data to Innovation: stories, takeaways and twists

There's lot of discussion now about "big data" and "open data". I've hunted stories from Britain and Japan that fall into three groups: using patterns in visitor behaviour to redesign their experience; using social data and peer benchmarking to help individuals; and using crowdfunding to measure demand for innovative new products. Distilling takeaways and twists on each set of stories, I suggest four principles for working with data that relate to curiosity, empathy and generosity.

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Joy Inc – Interview With Richard Sheridan

Menlo Innovations CEO and chief storyteller Richard Sheridan recently codified "The Menlo Way" in a brand new book, Joy, Inc: How We Built a Workplace People Love. I caught up with Sheridan recently to ask him a few questions about the business of joy and how he created a company culture that seems to make everyone happy.

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