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A YouTube and Google+ Innovation

Thanks to some of the people in my Google+ feed, I came across a little hidden innovation that YouTube and Google+ have brought to the social media party – social video watching. In real life, when people want to watch a show together they either invite them over for a TV night or maybe they hang on the line on ...

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The Television of Tomorrow

Earlier this year an AdAge study gave grist to my intuition that TV will continue to be unstoppable in our lifetime. TV is the only medium touched by the Web that isn’t crushed by it – it rolls it in, integrating technology and absorbing and colonizing new media as it’s introduced. As a device, a format and a host (of ...

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Will Google and YouTube be the Journalism of 2020?

Will YouTube be the USA Today or Wall Street Journal or New York Times of 2015 or 2020? According to Mediapost.com “YouTube’s Secret Citizen Journalism Plot Exposed.” Referring to a SF Weekly article by Eve Batey “YouTube Explains Top Secret ‘News Experiment’ to Local Media, But Doesn’t Really” the reporting is that YouTube plans to hire groups of citizens in ...

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