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Day 1 – Strategy Sprint – A DIY Guide

Day 1 - Strategy Sprint - A DIY Guide

This is the third in a series of five DIY posts on holding a strategy sprint. You now know how to prepare for a strategy sprint, and you’ve gathered the right people. You’re ready for the first full day of sprinting. Take a deep breath, you’ll need it! Day 1 is all about grasping the current situation, understanding strategic choices, ...

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Preparing for a Strategy Sprint – A DIY Guide

Preparing for a Strategy Sprint - A DIY Guide

This is the second in a series of five DIY posts on holding a strategy sprint. The decision to hold a strategy sprint assumes that you’ve come to the conclusion that a new strategy is warranted, that new directions must be explored, and you’ve gotten to this point in a thoughtful and deliberate way. Something has been tugging at you ...

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Les 9 rôles d’innovation

Êtes-vous innovants ou non? Possédez-vous l'ADN de l'innovateur? Avez-vous une personnalité innovante? À chaque fois que je lis un article qui stipule que certaines personnes sont innovantes et d'autres ne le sont pas, je suis gêné. Je suis également gêné lorsque je lis que certains individus seraient plus innovants que d'autres.

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Los Nueve Papeles en la Innovación – Cinco Regalos Gratis

¿Eres innovador o no? ¿Posees el ADN de un innovador? ¿Qué hay de una personalidad innovadora? Me contraigo cada vez que veo un nuevo artículo tratando de decir básicamente que algunas personas son innovadoras y otras no, o que ciertos individuos son más innovadores que otros. Yo digo, ¡bazofia!

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Five Free Nine Innovation Roles Gifts

I increasingly cringe every time I see a new article talking about someone's innovator's DNA or innovation personality, or other similar lines of thinking or frameworks that insinuate that people are either innovative or not, or that some people are more innovative than others. It's just not true. I’m a firm believer that it’s not personalities that matter so much when it comes to innovation, it’s the roles that we play in making innovation happen (or not).

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Selfish Innovation

Could we deliver better innovation results from our workshops by appealing to the inherent selfishness of our participants? This question comes to mind for the innovator reviewing the results of new research in neuroscience concerning human behavior in the activity of self-expression.

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Mind the Innovation Gap

I did a workshop last week with a group working on improving innovation within the Australian school system. I played my normal role of grenade-thrower, errr, thought-provoker on the topic of innovation, while working with eight other people that all have backgrounds in education. As the day went on, I noticed something interesting. In sessions like this, people always pick ...

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