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Why did No-one Think of This Before?

Have you ever seen an idea in action and thought, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’  Let’s look at three recent innovations which might surprise you. Washing machines can be very heavy. This is because they contain concrete blocks weighing about 25 kgs which are needed as counterweights to keep the machines stable during spin cycles.  Researchers at Nottingham Trent ...

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Millennial Magnetism

Millennials, also known as Gen-Y, are a spontaneous generation, active in hiking, biking and throwing things in bags and heading out for the day. In order to appeal to this “on the go crowd”, JT Wines created the Flasq wine brand.

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A Need for Space Saving Innovations

The UK is drowning in junk. In seven years there will be nowhere left to put it – check out this story on Packington (which sounds suspiciously like “pack it in”), one of the many landfills surging towards capacity. It covers about 380 acres and contains more than 18.5 million tons of rubbish. The height of a skyscraper where once there was flat land, it is, literally, a waste of space.

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