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Mr. Green Jeans

Blue jeans have become a fashion staple all around the world, but the manufacture of denim has also given the world a big environmental hit. Help may be on the way because there's now a new generation of dyes that eliminate huge amounts of waste and energy... and a surprising amount of water!

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A Need for Space Saving Innovations

The UK is drowning in junk. In seven years there will be nowhere left to put it – check out this story on Packington (which sounds suspiciously like “pack it in”), one of the many landfills surging towards capacity. It covers about 380 acres and contains more than 18.5 million tons of rubbish. The height of a skyscraper where once there was flat land, it is, literally, a waste of space.

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Innovation Helps Trees Grow in the Desert

A few weeks ago, Popular Science (PopSci) announced its “Best of What’s New 2010” list of the top 100 innovations of the year. Named No. 1 was the Groasis waterboxx, a “dead-simple game-changer.” Indeed, the waterboxx, developed by AquaPro Holland, allows trees to grow anywhere. According to PopSci, “drylands actually have enough water to sustain trees for decades, but it’s ...

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