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Telling Truth to Authority

It’s never easy telling truth to authority and, in many instances, it’s not only risky but can be fatal to your job or even your career. Yet, most pundits agree that great leaders should encourage truth telling, not stifle it. Why is it so hard to do the right thing? 1. People are inherently flawed, “broken branches” and turn a ...

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Innovation Veracity is the Key to Success

A recent post by Jeffrey Phillips titled Velocity is the Only Innovation Outcome That Matters sparked respectful disagreement inside me. I believe that when it comes to innovation, veracity is more important than velocity. Let's look at the definition of the word veracity from our friends over at Merriam-Webster:

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Innovation Leadership Needs Shared Power and Truth

Leadership is the Key to Innovation by Roy Luebke Innovation exists on a spectrum from incremental to transformational. Ultimately it is the CEO who must decide where the organization is going to focus its efforts along this spectrum. A recent article in the journal Academy of Management Perspectives titled, “Leadership and Neuroscience: Can We Revolutionize the Way That Inspirational Leaders ...

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