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Hansei: The Art of Reflection

What Did You Learn From 2017? Around the end of the year, most of us, and our businesses, tend to slow down just a bit from the normal dawn-to-dusk mad dash. We smile a bit more. We wave people in before us in traffic, and let others with less in their shopping carts go first in the grocery store. And ...

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What is Your Winning Aspiration?

A winning strategy absolutely must begin with a winning aspiration. Too doctrinaire? Allow me to explain the premise the way I learned it from Roger Martin, one of the best strategists on the planet. The operative word is “winning,” for the simple reason that if you’re not winning, you live in fear of the competitor in your space that is. ...

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The Art of 5 Whys

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who was upset about some directional shifts and looming job shuffles swirling around their company. As I listened to the lament, I recognized the fact that they were focusing on the symptoms of the issue. All of his reactions and proposed courses of action in response to the unsettling circumstances didn't address what I could tell was something deeper.

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