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Is Elon Musk Worth a $2.6 Billion Compensation Package?

On the surface, a $2.6 billion compensation package for any CEO sounds outrageous. But look at the numbers it hinges on. If there are contenders for tech titan poster child, Elon Musk is clearly leading the pack. Unlike almost any other CEO in recent memory, Musk embodies the spirit of innovation, vision, risk-taking, fearlessness, and unbridled ambition while also having ...

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Whitespace vs. Rightspace: How Quest-led Innovation Finds Right Space for Breakthrough Innovation

How do you locate the right whitespace for you? How do you focus your innovation efforts on whitespace that is most likely to allow you to successfully expand your business without over-reaching and stretching beyond your capabilities? There are a group of companies today that have a secret weapon that helps them do this. Ultimately, the answer comes down to how they define their business.

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