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After TED – What in the World is Wurman Up To?

What do you do AFTER you invent TED? Steven Heller, another of my Go-To Cultural Cull-Masters delivers the news about Richard Saul Wurman here. Don’t miss an article (3,000+) – Subscribe to our RSS feed and join our Innovation Excellence group! Julie Anixter is Chief Innovation Officer at Maga Design and a Founder of Innovation Excellence.

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TED Video Pick of the Week: Seth Prietbatsch on the Game Layer

Charming Princeton drop out Seth Prietbatsch gives us a quick lesson in game dynamics filled with user-friendly references (Happy Hour!) that can nudge us over to this compelling view of life, including the most prosaic, everyday tasks, as…a GAME.   Which means, from an Innovation Excellence/Build Capability perspective that we better be cranking on that GAME LAYER if we want ...

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