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Will Big Data Drive Big Insights or Big Costs?

IBM today is announcing a broad portfolio of new software that applies its expertise in analytics in a new way to the infrastructure of an organization. Now that we are surrounded by data and organizations are accumulating more and more data about their operations, their customers, their processes and more, analytics can be applied for the purpose of identifying hidden patterns and using that knowledge to gain industry insight.

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Tablet Market Dominated by Apple iPad – For Now

Microsoft just posted a really good quarter and has been openly criticized for its lack of strategy in the tablet market and other consumer market. This software giant has failed to innovate in many fronts despite massive resources and strong talent based. The company has also failed to create any buzz on their product launches; you wonder what is not ...

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What am I supposed to use my iPad for again?

I wanted to use my iPad for at least a few weeks before writing about my experience, first with the setup and then with my usage, and what I think the future holds for the device. Wi-Fi reliability. During the first few days after the iPad’s release, the most common media topic was the iPad’s poor Wi-Fi reception. I was ...

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