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Anticipate What’s Next

Look closely at a business with good timing and you will find it is skilled at anticipation. The company muscles seem to act and respond in such a way as to produce maximum impact at just the right moment. This stems from early cues and putting the information to work faster than others can. Anticipation is the action that puts ...

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Innovation is All About Value

I’ve been talking for a while now in my speeches how crucial value is to innovation. It is no consequence as a result that value sits at the center of my definition of innovation: Innovation transforms the useful seeds of invention into solutions valued above every existing alternative – and widely adopted. In this definition you will also see that ...

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Do You Really Need a Mission Statement?

We have all been told countless times that a “mission statement” is critical to the success of an organization. I am sure you have heard that “if you don’t know where you are going, any direction will do.” However, the evidence and research shows that many successful companies do not have either a business plan or a mission statement. How ...

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