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We Need to Stop Bashing the Millennials

As with all stereotyping, using generations to define the behaviors of an entire class of people is mostly a convenient and lazy fiction. The Final Frontier for Diversity The U.S. and most of the world’s developed economies have embraced and celebrate the importance of diversity in national origin, creed, race, and sexual orientation. We clearly have room for improvement, but ...

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Are Stereotypes Keeping Women Away From Science?

Across the board in the STEM related fields, there is a distinct shortage of females in relation to males. Many have their theories as to why this is, but we can assume stereotypes are to blame. Developed at an early age, stereotypes about women are ingrained in boys and girls alike. Women make up 50% of the US population and 49% of the workforce, yet only 24% of females work in STEM related positions. Women are crucial to the future of science and their contributions thus far cannot be understated.

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