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Startups Platform Grow at Bosch: 3 Paths to Transition an Idea into an Innovation Project

Peter Guse joined Bosch’s Research and Advance Engineering Sector as Innovation Manager in 2009. He co-developed the concept of the Bosch Start-up Platform, Grow, that he heads as founding CEO since 2013. Grow platform Gmbh, as the internal incubator, is the platform for start-ups, and an open space for entrepreneurs inside of Bosch. 1) Hi Peter, thank you for taking ...

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BP Technology Group, how technology can impact the energy industry out to 2050

Stephen Cook is Chief Commercial Officer, Group Technology at BP since 2017, committed to  commercial deals in technology-related business development, also cultivating and delivering capability in technology strategy, and intelligence. Can you describe the missions of your entity, the Group Technology at BP? Group Technology is BP’s central innovation function, providing joined-up leadership of technology in BP to create transformational ...

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The Harvard Innovation Labs: becoming an experimentation machine

Matthew Guidarelli is an adviser for entrepreneurs across industries; he supports their venture development throughout the startup lifecycle — helping founders build world-positive companies that combine profit & purpose. He was previously part of the leadership team and participated in the evolution & expansion of the Harvard Innovation Labs. He tells us more about that, and about his new venture, Folly ...

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4 Pillars to Letting the Innovation Engine Roar at Total Booster

I met with Michael Offredi, Digital Ecosystem & Innovation Officer at TOTAL, and Delphine Pélisson, Head of The Booster Paris,  and Transformation & Collective Efficiency Catalyst, for an in-depth discovery of this singular corporate business accelerator. What is The Booster purpose? The Booster is a corporate entity that supply other group’s entities with an offering to support innovation and digital transformation. ...

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Co-pace is Continental’s Organization to Connect Startups and Intrapreneurs

Jürgen Bilo  is Managing Director / Vice President cof Co-pace, the organization of Continental to incubate startups, and intrapreneurs. He kindly accepted to describe the activities of Co-pace, and the way it collaborates with startups. Can you describe the missions of your entity, the Co-pace? Co-pace is the start-up hub of Continental. Through our insights of the start-up ecosystem, we enable ...

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The Importance of Coaching Intrapreneurs

Evan Burton is a UX Designer, Usability Engineer, Data Science Enthusiast, finishing a master’s degree in Usability Engineering. He’s currently writing his masters thesis on corporate intrapreneurship and innovation, with a focus on corporate acceleration and incubation, and how to best support intrapreneurs in the process of defining and developing their ideas into products or services for their company. Evan claims ...

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The sky is the limit at INFINITI Lab

Darren Plested is Head of Business Development & Lab, at INFINITI, the luxury brand for cars, with powerful elegant design, technological power and performance, and in-car connectivity. INFINITI has recently opened the INFINITI LAB, dedicated to “world’s boldest innovators as they work to advance our lives”. Darren gives us an hand to explore the LAB. 1) Hi Darren,  would you tell ...

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Accelerating Corporate Startups at Telekom UQBATE

ChallengeUp Team

Johannes Nuenning is VP of the Deutsche Telekom incubator, targeting employees who want to realize their idea, and become entrepreneurs: yes, en-trepreneur, and not necessarily in-trapreneur! Johannes acts as business angel for corporate entrepreneurs, developing entrepreneurship, and creativity mindsets within this large corporation. He kindly takes us through the mission, and the organization of this ambitious accelerator. Attracting, and supporting ...

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Leonard: 4 pillars of a wise corporate Open Lab

Leonard, the 4 pillars of a wise corporate Open Lab - Innovation Excellence

Leonard is the new innovation entity initiated by VINCI, a major player in construction, and concession agreement indutries. VINCI designs, finances, builds, and operates infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all. I spoke with Matthieu Lerondeau, Leonard Head of Communications & Communities, about the missions, and organization of Leonard.

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