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Jeff Bezos Sums Up What Separates Winners from Dreamers in Just 2 Words

There may be no single formula for success, but Jeff Bezos’s annual letter to stockholders comes darn close. Few figures have captured our attention the way Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has. In just under 23 years, Amazon’s revenue has soared from $500,000 to $178,000,000,000, from nine employees to over 560,000, and its stock has increased 1,000 fold since ...

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Education Innovation – Zombie-Based Learning

David designed the Zombie-Based Learning Geography curriculum because there were no project-based curriculum's available at the time that he could use to teach Geography to his middle school students. Because we live in the era of crowdfunding and because he intended to make the effort widely available to educators around the world, he started a Kickstarter effort to...

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