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The Need for True Financial Innovation

Facilitating Mobility for People in Banking – a Paradigm Shift While mobile solutions companies continue to drive product development and their point solutions under the banner of technological innovation the more they miss the plot. So much focus and effort seems to be invested in taking an existing product and merely re-platform it to be functionally available through a mobile ...

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The Power Of Ideas That Touch Peoples Lives

Where we start to engage across society is through the power of ideas that can touch many people’s lives. Through innovation we should always attempt to do this. Social innovation is no different. Eventually through witnessing a change a person sees as valuable in their values, as they want to interpret it a powerful incentive to change. It is a slow process but it has a higher chance of lasting success than forcing something onto someone really reluctantly, that is sometimes sensing alienated by the majority that lie outside their immediate group. For social innovation to work we need to make innovation socially personal.

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Facebook – The Social Accelerator?

We live in a world of accelerating change. As our communication technologies evolve, it becomes easier to connect more and more of us around the planet to each other. The web collapses space and time, dissolves geographic boundaries, and gives us windows into each other’s worlds. This is causing shifts in the way individuals perceive themselves, their immediate relationships with ...

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