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From Marginal To Mainstream – Social Innovation

I think the recent global economic crisis has raised society issues far more. Social innovation will begin to move from the margins to the mainstream to tackle a range of these society challenges. It will inevitably need more structural support; it certainly will need more coordination and alignment by all the stakeholders involved. It needs organizing and being recognized in its own right. Are you ready to participate?

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The Power Of Ideas That Touch Peoples Lives

Where we start to engage across society is through the power of ideas that can touch many people’s lives. Through innovation we should always attempt to do this. Social innovation is no different. Eventually through witnessing a change a person sees as valuable in their values, as they want to interpret it a powerful incentive to change. It is a slow process but it has a higher chance of lasting success than forcing something onto someone really reluctantly, that is sometimes sensing alienated by the majority that lie outside their immediate group. For social innovation to work we need to make innovation socially personal.

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Spotting The Difference With Social Innovation

We need to shift our thinking away from just ‘innovation’ into ‘societal innovation’. Why? Social issues will dominate our thinking in 2011 and beyond.It simply has to as we struggle to manage in ‘depressed’ economies. Social based solutions are very different from economics based ones. Economic ones are more focused on the production and consumption of commodities. For me, social ones has five very distinctive differences from existing innovation approaches associated with the economic ones used in innovation.

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