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Innovation and Serendipity

I have pointed out the importance of diversity for innovation and organizational adaptability. Diversity is a crucial precursor to serendipity. In the Power of Pull, John Hagel, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison emphasize the rising need for serendipity...

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Serendipitous Predictable Innovation

Does innovation come from carefully planned research and facilitated ideation, or is it the result of individuals that somehow seem to be able to come up with groundbreaking ideas? The latter seems to have been the case when we look at some well known examples both in science as well as business...

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Networking As Survival

We think about networking as a very modern notion, with our accumulation of virtual “friends,” “followers” and people-who-might-be-useful-to-us-someday. To me, it is just an extension of what my people, my family have been doing since 70 AD – making critical connections that enable both our survival. The tools may have changed, but our reliance on the network has not. In fact, without the network, I literally wouldn’t be alive.

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