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Actually, People Love Change

"People resist change." I heard this about 10 times at a workshop where I recently gave a keynote. After about the fifth time, it got me thinking. When I went up to give my talk, I asked people to raise their hands in response to these questions..

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Christopher Columbus as a Model for Innovators

Most understand that innovation isn't an activity or a project, but few understand the amount of investment, work and change management required to sustain innovation beyond an initial attempt. In this way I think we can look to the past for figures who represent the challenges and opportunities that are presented to innovators. Perhaps no figure represents the highs and lows of innovation like Christopher Columbus.

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Innovation Is Becoming A Core Competency

If you've lived a while as a consultant to corporations, you've had the chance to see significant, even tectonic change to the way things work in larger enterprises over the last 20-30 years. Stuff that would have seemed illogical or inconsequential we now consider imperative, and right now, things that seem incremental or short-lived may rapidly become mission-critical.

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