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Pulling Wisdom from Abundant Data — Part 1: An Interview with Gongos’ Greg Heist

Braden: This is Braden Kelley, Co-Founder of InnovationExcellence.com. I’m here today with Greg Heist, Chief Innovation Officer at Gongos, a decision intelligence company. Greg, for those out there who may not be completely familiar with Gongos, why don’t you tell our audience a bit about what the company does? Greg: Gongos is a decision intelligence company, and what that means ...

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Smartwatches: Past, Present and Future

Ever since the successful KickStarter campaign of the Pebble Watch, smartwatches have been rolling out left and right. Greg Swan has tracked, researched, tested and worn multiple smartwatch designs in his role as Senior Vice President, Creative Technology Innovation. He'll share his thoughts on what's out there and what's to come.

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