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Cultural Lag: When Innovation Moves Faster Than Regulation

Everybody loves Elon Musk. Well, everybody that’s not in the business of fossil fuels and other non renewable energy resources, that is. Earlier this year, Robert E. Murray of Murray Energy Corp, America’s largest privately owned coal company, took to calling Musk “a fraud” on CNBC. Musk made headlines, after taking to Twitter to fire back at Murray. Real fraud ...

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Three Ways to Fend Off Disruption

Disruption Ahead

Have you heard the joke about the disrupted barber? He was happily running a one-chair barbershop for years when a discount haircutter opened across the street. Customers deserted him. Business plummeted. The man grew desperate. Till one day he fought back: he created a sign and put it out front: “We fix $9 haircuts.” Business returned. As I travel this ...

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