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How Small Innovation Teams Hit the Nail

Does 'small is beautiful' concept apply to innovation? Whether you look at start-ups fortunes, '2 Pizza team' practice, or read the 'New Corporate Garage', small teams are better at achieving breakthrough innovation. Nervertheless smallness is not enough to succeed. How we can enhance the actions of small innovation teams, and support them in their progression is what we are tackling here.

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Designing for Rapid Innovation

Setting-up an agile organization for innovation is not enough: one has to get his innovation accepted by the core business, and the market. To tackle this issue and preserve speed, 'innovation by component', based on modular and collaborative design, brings significant cues. How to achieve a successful component design (API) is what we address hereafter.

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Is there a Model for Rapid Innovation?

Innovation is the result of constant knowledge exchanges between technology, the markets, an innovation team, as well as other departments of the firm. As the bigger you are, the more difficult it is to share active knowledge. How can we set-up a so-called “knowledge creating company” and speed up knowledge exchanges within big companies?

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