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The Civilization Starter Kit

If only people weren’t beholden to a planned obsolescence mind-set. Only if diverse resources collaborate to be collectively smarter, wiser, and richer. In the shortest 2011 TEDxKC talk of the evening, TED fellow and Polish-born fusion physicist Marcin Jakubowski shared an overview of his work just an hour north of Kansas City directing Open Source Ecology in developing the Global ...

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It's Not Idea Overload – It's Filter Failure

At the recent Front End of Innovation conference, Wells Fargo’s Michael Duke presented in a session devoted to innovation metrics. He opened with a slide that asked attendees: Which would you rather have? 1,000 ideas; or 20 working prototypes With a setup like that, what do you think the general response was? Of course getting to 20 working prototypes was ...

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