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Why Companies are Investing More in Services and Software than Products

How to Protect Breakthrough Innovation

Since the release of its first polished-steel plow way back in 1837, John Deere has provided the heavy machinery to prep, plant and harvest crops. Over the years, it has evolved into a true American icon. And its green and yellow tractors are undoubtedly the first thing many people associate with the John Deere brand. Until recently, the company’s research ...

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Innovation or Not? – Vector Scissors

I came across these attractive and thoughtfully designed Vector Scissors in a post by Innovation Excellence contributor Matthew E May that promise to in addition to the normal day to day jobs that scissors execute, to also be able to cut perfectly straight lines. Interesting invention, sure, clever design, sure, but are they an innovation?

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How to Market Your Partnerships

Business partnerships are everywhere. The supermarket branded credit card or perhaps the great insurance deal being offered with your new car. These days companies often find it challenging to stand out in an increasingly crowded and sophisticated global marketplace.

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New Feature – Innovation or Not?

If you look at the Eight I's of Infinite Innovation, inspiration sits at the center of the infinity symbol and leads to investigation and the other six elements of the framework, and where does inspiration come from? We will be bringing you a series of potential inspirations to ponder as to whether they are innovations or not.

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