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How to Manage Early Stage Innovation

Product concepts are the lifeblood of your company. Flowing through your company’s system, like blood through the veins of a human body, new product concepts are the future of your company’s health and the source of its growth. Unfortunately, many companies lack a strategic planning process for innovation, or they manage it poorly. Too many companies insist that the early ...

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Calling All Engineers: Beyond Form, Fit and Function for Formulated Products

Like most engineers, I learned about rules of interchangeability back in school. These rules help companies decide whether a product change should require a new item number or simply a revision of the same item number. The standard “form, fit and function” (F/F/F) definition has served the needs of discrete manufacturers well for a long time. But what about formulated products?

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Your Implementation is Complete. Now, Where is the ROI?

Envision this situation: You and your team have successfully made it through go-live of your product portfolio management (PPM) software solution and you now have a system that is operational and being used to drive more effective decision making in the business. Things are going well until an executive asks you if the program is generating the benefits committed to in the business case. You stare at the executive blankly and stumble through the words, “I think so.” What do you do now?

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