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Five Tips for Successful Adoption of a PPM System

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Winston Churchill Change can be difficult. Organizations, like people, are creatures of habit. We tend to stick to paths, plans, and processes that are familiar to us. Portfolio & Pipeline Management (P&PM) involves driving change throughout an organization. You enable your business with P&PM because you want to ...

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Defining Portfolio Scope: Is it Necessary for Effective Portfolio Management?

Many of our clients ask if they need to specifically define what projects, products or offerings should be included in their product portfolios and what should be left out. Leading portfolio management practices advocate the need for defining portfolio inclusion criteria. Why is it necessary to define your portfolio’s scope? There are at least two compelling reasons: clear portfolio ownership ...

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Your Implementation is Complete. Now, Where is the ROI?

Envision this situation: You and your team have successfully made it through go-live of your product portfolio management (PPM) software solution and you now have a system that is operational and being used to drive more effective decision making in the business. Things are going well until an executive asks you if the program is generating the benefits committed to in the business case. You stare at the executive blankly and stumble through the words, “I think so.” What do you do now?

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