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How Small Innovation Teams Hit the Nail

Does 'small is beautiful' concept apply to innovation? Whether you look at start-ups fortunes, '2 Pizza team' practice, or read the 'New Corporate Garage', small teams are better at achieving breakthrough innovation. Nervertheless smallness is not enough to succeed. How we can enhance the actions of small innovation teams, and support them in their progression is what we are tackling here.

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Google versus Apple

Google and Apple may seem to share similar innovation patterns from afar, but under the hood, they play totally different ball games. This way, they demonstrate their ability to build their own identity based on a genuinely personal innovation model.

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Your Innovation Portfolio is Precious

Strategy is about resource allocation. So is innovation, and portfolio management (PM) is one proper practice of investing resource according to your innovation strategy. Robert G. Cooper is a master in portfolio management. He has defined 10 best practices and 4 guidelines for portfolio management for new products: Best practices are: load the front-end of the project; install an idea ...

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