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Manage your Innovation Pipeline exactly like your Sales Pipeline

Managing the Sales pipeline is a well-developed executive skill in any company selling large ticket items to business customers.  Each sales person has to gather data and input their reports and forecasts.  Some of the key actions in managing the pipeline include: Qualification questions have to be answered.  Does the customer need our product?  Do they have a budget?  Are ...

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Thought Leader Wanted

We live in an increasingly complex world where both the volume of change and the pace of change are accelerating. But it is not just change that is accelerating, choice is proliferating as well. Witness the example of General Mills’ Cheerios. Introduced in 1941, there are now 13 varieties of Cheerios on the market, not including snack mixes introduced in 2008.

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Using the Innovation Pipeline to Drive Growth & Address Failure

Most business leaders have made it to the top by promoting their success stories and glossing over their failures but innovation leaders know that failure is a more likely outcome than success. How can an organization rationalize these two radically distinct perspectives? The innovation pipeline can be used as a strategic tool to manage your innovation process and also address failure by highlighting the necessity of the small failures along the way.

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