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How to Adopt the Innovative Mindset

Innovation is an iterative process. You can create a detailed plan for how to innovate, but these strategies rarely survive their first contact with the market. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,” said boxer Mike Tyson. Success comes when you learn to adapt. It is more important to have the right people and mindsets in place than to have a perfectly crafted plan.

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Enterprise's Innovation Strategy

The 'just released' annual global InnovationLeadership Study cites that only 24% of the respondents think they have an effective organizational alignment of innovation efforts. The study concludes that “the absence of a well-articulated innovation strategy is by far the most important constraint for companies to reach their innovation targets.”

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The 2nd Most Powerful Word in Innovation

Effectiveness. The second most powerful word in delivering new economic value (aka innovation) is effectiveness. Peter Drucker wrote extensively on effectiveness and the subject is worth reflecting upon when determining how and where to find growth opportunities an embarking on any innovation program.

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