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Are Petrol Stations the Future of Starbucks?

Recently the Seattle Times published an article from the Washington Post highlighting a gas station in Maryland that has made the bold move of turning off its gas pumps and installing electric charging stations in their place. Which got me thinking… Given that in the early days of automobiles you had to go to the pharmacy and buy gasoline in ...

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What Would it Take to Build an Electric Supercar?

I love watching Top Gear, and there was a segment on the newest Mercedes SLS Supercar, the AMG Black. They pushed it hard around the track, the engine roaring like thunder. However, they then mentioned that this wasn't even the most powerful new model of the SLS Mercedes is coming out with, and that to really hear what more power sounded like, you should turn up the volume on your TV now, the car came racing into view and then: silence. The most powerful Mercedes is electric.

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