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Visiting The Intrapreneurs’ Factory

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Nicolas Bry, Orange Startups Studio Founder, about his new book The Intrapreneurs’ Factory. Nicolas entices Orange employees in engaging as intrapreneurs, bringing their idea to life within Orange business. Nicolas is equally a passionate expert for innovation labs exploring new business. International speaker (TEDx), delivering Masterclasses @Google Academy, and Tech/Business Schools, ISPIM Prize ...

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Startups Studio at Orange (Seasons 1 to 3)

The Intrapreneurs Studio program: from season 1 to season 2 In January 2017, we initiated the season 1 of the Intrapreneurs program in a 3 steps process, 1) Application, 2) Qualification, and 3) Incubation, as described in this previous post. In January 2018, we handled the season 2 of the Intrapreneurs program with a very encouraging success reflecting an increasing ...

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Talent Wants to be Free

Orly Lobel is the author of "Talent Wants to Be Free" and a professor of Law at University of San Diego. ‘Talent wants to be free’ states that 'motivation, relationships, and mobility' are most important ingredients for successful innovation.

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