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Tea and Synergy

In order to thrive in a Participation Economy, traditional media outlets like newspapers and magazines will need transformational ideas. Especially when it comes to creating revenue in an age of free content. Of all companies, Starbucks might have happened upon just such an idea. Next month, the coffee giant will begin offering free wi-fi in all of its American locations. ...

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Will Google and YouTube be the Journalism of 2020?

Will YouTube be the USA Today or Wall Street Journal or New York Times of 2015 or 2020? According to Mediapost.com “YouTube’s Secret Citizen Journalism Plot Exposed.” Referring to a SF Weekly article by Eve Batey “YouTube Explains Top Secret ‘News Experiment’ to Local Media, But Doesn’t Really” the reporting is that YouTube plans to hire groups of citizens in ...

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Old Media versus New Media

Cry or Take Action by Adam Hartung Do you lament “the way things used to be?” I remember my parents using that phrase. Now I often hear my peers. And it really worries me. Success requires constant growth, and when I hear business leaders talking about “the way things used to be” I fear they are unwilling to advance with ...

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