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Break The Loop Of Underperforming Innovations

The tangible sales results of new product or service innovations are directly tied to the corporate mindset and systems that created them. Mindset precedes and dictates the systems which develop & launch innovations. If these systems are geared towards optimizing efficiency and minimizing risk, then by nature innovations will remain “close in” and likely underperform. When mindsets change, so do ...

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NPD's Future Goes New Orleans

Location, location, location is as true for conferences as it is for Real Estate. Events are engines of economic development for the cities they choose. We’ll be doing more on both - cities and their innovation events this year - bringing you the innovation highlights from both. That’s why we were excited that the Frost & Sullivan Innovation in NPD and Marketing is going to New Orleans!

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Innovation from NPD to NPSD

To have a real systematic innovation in products have to decide between Staged vs Spiral Development, in this article I propose to use the product development improving process bringing Innovation from NPD (New Product Development) to NPSD (New Product Spiral Development).

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