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The art of innovation, helping cities and governments to make strategic choices

Pierre-Alexandre Balland is Professor & Innovation Strategy Advisor at Utrecht University and visiting professor at MIT Media Lab, a renowned interdisciplinary research lab, founded in 1985 by Nicholas Negroponte, that encourages the unconventional mixing and matching of seemingly disparate research areas. Pierre-Alexandre research is about the art of innovation, and he advises companies, cities, and policymakers on innovation strategy. The combination of ...

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What Impact Could Sociometric Badges Have?

In a previous post I introduced a PhD dissertation by MIT’s Taemie Kim: Enhancing Distributed Collaboration Using Sociometric Feedback. This announcement for the dissertation summarized the topic quite well: Results show that sociometric feedback influences the communication patterns of distributed groups to be more like that of co-located groups, which results in an increase in performance. The MIT Media Lab ...

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Improving Communications on Distributed Teams

I’m a member of the EMC Research Cambridge virtual team. This position affords me the opportunity to travel into Cambridge, Massachusetts once per month and work with local universities and/or businesses. I’m free to pursue research topics that interest me and benefit my company. I keep a watchful eye on seminars that occur at local universities such as Harvard and ...

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