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Innovation’s #1 Success Dynamic

We all know that innovation success is hard to come by – for decades about 75% of all innovations have failed within five years, with most failing in 18-24 months. For an innovation to succeed, it needs to switch many (often very, very many) direct and indirect competitive product users to the innovative product.

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Sustainable Innovation Metrics

Innovation is ultimately about Return on Investment. A system of metrics will objectively show your progress and success each step of the way. It’s essential to follow a course of action that produces ongoing improvement, and sustainable and repeatable innovation. Innovation is meaningless without attaching measurable goals to an initiative.

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How Should We Measure Innovation?

A company in my Danish network group recently created a global innovation management department whose task it is to strengthen and systematize innovation and innovation processes in their Global Research unit as well as across the organization. The ultimate goal is to enhance and make visible the value creation that happens through targeted research and discovery activities in the enterprise ...

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