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Innovation Regeneration

In biology, there's an old saying: "Growth is the only evidence of life". A lot of investors on Wall Street seem to echo these words when they evaluate today's corporations - and business leaders are getting the message. At GE, for example, CEO Jeff Immelt is on the hook to deliver an incredible 8% of organic growth each year. This represents around $15 billion of new revenue - equivalent to the combined annual revenue of America's entire bookstore industry, or fitness industry, or music production and distribution industry!

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Increasing Demand for a Third Place

As I look around the economic landscape in the United States and see a climate where not only home prices but also rents are falling in many geographies, especially as the results of an all-advised rental property construction boom become available. I find myself thinking that we are in the middle of a profound shift in the American reality.

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Hope and Sanity at Starbucks

Last spring McDonald’s launched a $100 million salvo in support of its new McCafe line of coffee drinks. I (along with everybody else) was worried about how Starbucks would fend off such an attack, and I wrote about how I hoped the company would be careful in how it responded: “Starbucks isn’t just a coffeehouse, it’s a concept. It’s not ...

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