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Ask, ‘Who benefits most from my innovation?’

Sony and Philips developed the Compact Disc (CD) which they launched in 1982.  It was originally designed to store and play music. It offered much higher quality of recording than vinyl records.  It later became used for data storage; it held far more data than most personal computer hard drives. Mickey Schulhof had joined Sony in 1974 as an engineer.  ...

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NPD's Future Goes New Orleans

Location, location, location is as true for conferences as it is for Real Estate. Events are engines of economic development for the cities they choose. We’ll be doing more on both - cities and their innovation events this year - bringing you the innovation highlights from both. That’s why we were excited that the Frost & Sullivan Innovation in NPD and Marketing is going to New Orleans!

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Marketing Innovation – Pants on Fire and the Metaphor Tool

Here is an example from the long-running Progressive campaign featuring the lovable character, Flo. It uses the metaphor tool. The Metaphor is the most commonly used tool in marketing communications because it is a great way to attach meaning to a newly-launched product or brand. The Metaphor Tool takes a well-recognized and accepted cultural symbol and manipulates it to connect to the product, brand, or message.

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