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Choose Yourself

We’ve been conditioned to ask for direction; to ask for a plan; and ask for permission. But those ways no longer apply. Today that old behavior puts you at the front of the peloton in the great race to the bottom. The old ways are gone...

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Not Invented Here

Not Invented Here (NIH) is ever-present and misunderstood. An operational definition of NIH: Group 1 creates new thinking that falls within the official domain of Group 2. When presented with the new thinking, Group 2 rejects it.

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The Dark Art of Uncertainty

Engineers hate uncertainty. (More precisely, it scares us to death.) And our role in the company is to snuff it out at every turn, or so we think. To shield ourselves from uncertainty, we take refuge in our analyses. We create intricate computer wizardry to calm our soles.

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