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modelH update: Key Resources

modelH is a co-creation forum dedicated to building an open source business model canvas for the US healthcare system. Our recent project sprint on Key Resources focused on the importance of a talented labor force in a successful business. This update will bring you up to speed on what the modelH community determined with regard to Key Resources, what we'll be addressing in next week's blog and in our co-creation forum, and how you can get involved.

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Unacceptable Face of Innovation

Innovation in medicine, material science and many other areas has made life better for many people. But there is another side to innovation that is rarely discussed. Many innovations are designed to be labor saving. With the world population increasing labor saving innovation can only eventually lead to economic collapse and social unrest.

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Downsizing Workforce Downsizes Innovation

Not a day goes by in which we don’t hear about some major organization laying off thousands of employees. One of our salespeople recently followed up on a prospective client who had contacted us with strong interest in our idea management product. When the salesperson called the client, he was told that the client company had just laid off 15,000 ...

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