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Exploring the Knowledge Center for Innovation

(KCI) is housed at the Technion’s Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management in Israel. Founded in 2008, KCI aims to accelerate innovation by disseminating information and knowledge, fostering collaboration, and establishing a network of researchers, business people and policy makers. The KCI is part of a broader Israeli Government program supporting the creation of “Infrastructural Knowledge Centers” in a variety of fields, primarily in high tech and medicine. Knowledge centers serve as a hub for research papers and resources, as well as coordinating activities among participants in different fields.

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KIN's Role as Force-Multiplier at Cisco Systems

My avocational role within Cisco effectively became that of a proactive evangelist for innovation history, concepts, trends, case studies, practice and thinking, thereby becoming a force-multiplier for the KIN community.  The ultimate utility of interacting with various audiences is to educate and challenge status quo thinking, through introducing an awareness of the potential of innovation, provides context and sparks imagination for discovering new ways to create value.

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