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Apple – From Underdog to Overlord

With the market power that comes with success, can Apple keep its friends? by Idris Mootee When a company acquires significant market power and becomes super successful, it will have fewer friends. It is more so in software and hardware business as they try to push each other around to get certain standard or platform adopted. Apple used to have ...

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What am I supposed to use my iPad for again?

I wanted to use my iPad for at least a few weeks before writing about my experience, first with the setup and then with my usage, and what I think the future holds for the device. Wi-Fi reliability. During the first few days after the iPad’s release, the most common media topic was the iPad’s poor Wi-Fi reception. I was ...

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iPhone Followup – Innovation in a Box

My initial iPhone article highlighted why the iPhone will not be a success in its first incarnation. Make no mistake though, the introduction of the iPhone will revolutionize the mobile telephony market. Let's answer some of the criticisms of the most innovative mobile handset in the history of mobile telephony:

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