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Innovation and the Base Rate

Suppose you're told that three out of four car accidents happen within 25 miles of your home. Are you safer driving away from home? Based on this statistic alone, most people would assume they are safer. But the picture changes when you consider an important part of this scenario called the base rate.

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Amazon's Innovation Philosophy

What may have started with a question from @evanjacobs at Amazon.com's 2011 shareholder meeting, ended with interesting commentary from Amazon's CEO - Jeff Bezos - on their philosophy around invention, innovation, and risk taking. The key insights I extracted from Bezos' response to the question about their lack of big visible market failures and whether Amazon is continuing to take bold enough risks are as follows:

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Why Do We Want Innovations Yet Fear Innovation?

I was thinking about writing a blog post about corporate culture and its resistance to innovation. I even had this snappy analogy ready about how corporate culture is like a wet blanket thrown on the fire of innovation. Other ideas I wanted to explore included how corporations "but" ideas to death. But it won't work, but we don't have the people, but it will distract from our existing products. And so forth.

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