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How much is in your organization’s Innovation Reinvestment Account (IRA)?

One of the best ways to reduce your tax burden and save for the future is to maximize contributions to your Individual Retirment Account (IRA) early and often, create the proper asset mix and periodically doing an asset allocation rebalance at the right time. Similarly, the future of most companies, organizations and universities depends on their ability to put innovation ...

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Embody the Problems to Discover Innovation

Much of the work of innovation takes place trying to deeply understand the unmet needs of a particular market. As one Innovation school of thought calls it, what are the “jobs to be done?” Discerning these needs, these undone jobs, takes more empathy than data, more heart than head, and it takes a real investment of time and attention. To ...

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The Right ROI of Innovation for Your Firm

How to Protect Breakthrough Innovation

Too many organizations try an innovation effort once, under resource it, then claim failure and never try again. This over-reactive tendency to dismiss innovation as “oh, we tried that eight years ago and it didn’t work” displays a lack of real ROI thinking at an organization. In fact, if you think of your innovation mix in the same basic mental ...

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Panamanian Innovation

The country of Panama, which gained its independence from Colombia in 1903, is best known as the home of the path between the seas – the Panama Canal.  The Canal was started by a French consortium in the late 1800s and completed by the United States in 1914.  The Canal, with twin sets of locks on the Atlantic and Pacific ...

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State Backing for R&D is Declining

Growth is a permanent feature of western economic discourse, with politicians of all stripes promising to deliver it as the path to prosperity.  Of course, economists have long since known that growth is only possible through innovation, so it is perhaps no surprise that governments around the world are investing heavily in innovation. You have reports like the annual INSEAD/WIPO ...

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Go East Young Man or Woman

This week my youngest daughter is going overseas for a month long summer school. When I was her age, I went east to France, she is going east to China. I have no doubts that the 21st Century will be the Asian Century and I encouraged her to go rather than going to Europe, even with a cheap Euro.

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