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10 Epic Idea Management #Fails

1. You install a tool and imagine your work is done. Actually, the work is just starting, because getting a working community built is actually really hard. Noone, but noone, shows up because you have a cool tool. On the other hand, they’ll come if their colleagues are already participating. Hard, hard work is the only way to solve this particular chicken and egg problem. 2. You declare success because you’ve got lots of ideas. Getting the ideas is one thing, but doing something with them is something else. Doing something usually has nothing to do with a tool, no matter what the features of the tool are. Turning ideas into action is a sales activity, an influencing activity, and a leadership activity. Nothing there can be delegated to technology, no matter how smart.

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Lets Avoid an Innovation Religion

Recently, an SME entrepreneur asked me for the best practices to innovate and create a sustainable innovation culture in his company. Quite an interesting question, but not an easy one to answer. Let’s assume that there would exist a manual to innovation, than after all innovations would not be innovative anymore. Innovation management is no exact science with rules, laws ...

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Innovation Essentials – Mindset

Mindset may the most overlooked strategic issue in business today. Getting yourself and your people into the right frame of mind is becoming a crucial determinant of competitiveness, thanks to two huge business trends. The first trend: For decades organizations have been growing flatter, with fewer layers of management and increasingly dispersed decision making. It’s a strategy that has reduced ...

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