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Selling Innovation: The Data (chapter 6)

The innovation economy shifts daily. New or updated products and services change the landscape at an ever increasing rate, and occasionally a truly disruptive innovation enters the market forcing incumbents to alter plans while opening up new opportunities for the latest crop of fast followers.

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Selling Innovation: The Repeat (chapter 5)

While the most cost-effective method of customer acquisition is capturing a repeat customer, in the innovation economy that second sale is paramount. The second sale validates the marketplace, and moves you one step closer to broad market penetration. It is the catalyst to moving from selling to early adopters to selling to a larger, mass market.

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Four Rules to Snap Judge a New Venture

I analyzed multiple businesses for investment and acquisition purposes in the last 20+ years of my profesisonal career. In 2009 alone I suspect I reviewed more than 600 different businesses. Obviously, you need to develop “snap judgment” capabilities, that allow you to quickly, in less than a minute, develop a “gut feeling” for whether a certain business is a good investment or not.

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