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What you need is a Chief Culture Officer

Peter Drucker said that– business has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Well, your company probably already has a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and most likely a Chief Innovation Officer (CINO, to distinguish from your Chief Information Officer, CIO). So you have both Druckerian functions covered.   You may also have a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). I served as ...

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What You Must Know Before Creating an Innovation Culture

If we’re serious about developing an innovation culture it probably helps to explore a little bit more around what’s involved…. Raise your hand if you don’t want an innovation culture in your organization. Ask this question in any gathering of managers, and it’s a fair bet you won’t be seeing a sea of arms waving in the air. Who’d want ...

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The Hiring Mistake That Would Kill Your Company’s Innovation Culture

The growth stage of a startup is scary and painful. With perfectly good intentions, founders make this mistake, that may lead to the company’s failure. When a startup is born, its founders are the creators of everything. They are the ones responsible for product (or service) development, for initial marketing and sales, and everything else that’s needed. They get their hands real dirty. When they ...

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How Administrative Assistants Can Help Creativity In A Big Way

As the hidden communication and prioritization network, administrative assistants can have a great impact on company innovation. Last year I was asked to deliver a keynote to an internal company conference for administrative professionals in Virginia. The topic was culture for creativity. My “standard” talks typically focused on engineers, marketing people, and others in the organization who are the type of ...

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Measuring Innovation – what really matters?

Measuring Innovation - what really matters? - Innovation Excellence

I attended a fabulous organizational culture conference recently in Melbourne that took the audience right back to culture, climate and engagement measurement basics. It was powerful to see how the links and connections between Organizational Culture Audits & Diagnostics, Climate and Engagement Surveys were expertly made.

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Creating a Culture of Innovation in Business

Any business that wishes to survive​ ​(​​and thrive)​ ​in today’s constantly changing business environment must continuously evolve its processes, operations, strategies and product/service offerings. Fortunately, many business leaders in America appreciate and value innovation as an essential element of business. Because of this, many businesses across America spend millions of dollars every year trying to cultivate a culture of innovation.  ...

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