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Should Tech Workers Worry About Age Discrimination?

43 Percent of Boomer Tech Employees Are Worried About Losing Their Jobs. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t Be The workforce is changing in ways that are much more complex than the generational stereotypes we’ve bought into. There’s nothing new about the fear of diminishing employment options as we age. But what is new is the antidote. Just published research of 1,011 ...

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The Executive Broker

Given that social media provided an avenue for emerging strategists, there was precious little advice describing how an individual contributor could execute strategy. This is where the role of Invisible Executive was born.

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2014 Careers: Stop Playing Chess, Start Playing Risk

The chess analogy comes from the common experience of being "moved" like a piece on a chessboard. I spent 25 years as a software engineer doing essentially the same exact thing year over year: building and shipping products in the high-tech industry. Some of the most frustrating career experiences were the result of decisions that a manager or an executive would make where I was moved to a new project without due consideration.

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