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Every Day is Election Day

Too many women who want to seek and hold public office are afraid to dive in. Some think merely jumping in is corrupting. Others think you have to be an insider to win. Some will only enter with an invitation, after someone else decides they’ve earned it. But when you jump in the political pool on your own and assert your right to be there, whether you’re fighting a righteous cause or because you want to be a political somebody, don’t assume the competition will be fair. To choose another metaphor, take the hits, go back to your corner, wipe the sweat off your brow, and come back swinging.

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What’s So Great About Oscar?

As I was looking for a new health insurance policy recently, I started searching for Obamacare, and the result in the first position came up with something called Oscar. I have vaguely remembered seeing the name somewhere… ah! An ad on NYC subway! I clicked through to fill out a form of about 10 questions that, to my great surprise..

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Innovation as a Virtuous Cycle

A series of personal innovation stories from a new book by Luis Solis, "Innovation Alchemists: what every CEO needs to know to hire the right Chief Innovation Officer". Today's essay on METHODS comes from Kevin Riley who is an Entrepreneurial Healthcare Leader and Principal of Kevin Riley & Associates | Business Model Innovation for Healthcare

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