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Father of the Internet Knows Best

Imagine having the opportunity to ask Johannes Gutenberg about his thoughts on how his printing press would change the industry - let alone his opinion on how his press would change the world. Well, essentially, that’s the chance that I’ve had this morning, when I was given the opportunity to speak to Google's VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Vinton ‘Vint’ Cerf, known around the world as one of the ‘fathers of the internet’.

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Perils of Unstructured Innovation in Asia

I’m a big proponent of innovation using a structured process, as opposed to a few execs converging behind closed doors and brainstorming without form or format. Or maybe you visualize geeky bespectacled types, in their garage, caps worn backwards, coming up with the next big thing. Whatever and wherever you create products or solutions, if your purpose is to commercialize ...

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